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Whether you are looking for Merbau timber for decking, flooring or furniture, we have all of your needs covered.

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Quality Merbau Timber

Our range of Merbau timber, also known as Kwila timber, is available for a wide range of projects and uses. Whether you are looking to use our products for outdoor posts, flooring, step treads, handrails, decking, boat building or something else, we can supply you with the right quantity of Merbau timber that is cut to your specifications.

Our Kwila Timber Products Include:

  • T & G SN EM Flooring 80 x 19
  • T & G SN EM Flooring 130 x 19
  • T & G SN EM Flooring 180 x 19
  • Step Treads - 240 x 42
  • Step Treads - 290 x 42
  • Handrails - 90 x 42
  • Handrails - 140 x 42
  • & More!

Given as "Rating One" by the Australian Department of Primary Industries, Merbau timber is an incredibly strong product that is known for its stability and resistance to splitting, making it ideal for a number of projects in Brisbane. From residents to large businesses, if you have a need for Merbau timber for your next project, look to our products at Mr Kwila.

So if you want to find out more about how our range of Merbau products can increase the value of your property, please contact our professional team at Mr Kwila today.

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